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Covid & Sickness Policies

At Zen Penguin Swim School we are just as invested as you are in keeping our community as healthy as possible.
Below are our sick policies and what we're doing to keep you safe!

What precautions are you currently taking?

We are keeping exposure low by keeping groups small so that exposure is as reduced as possible. We have also designated Tuesday mornings as a time for covid cautious families specifically. All touchable surfaces are wiped down with Clorox wipes before each session.

Are you masking?

I do have a water-friendly face-shield that I am happy to wear by request. The sides of this mask are not enclosed, and so this is not as effective as regular masking. Unfortunately, there are no current options that are enclosed and still breathable when wet.

What is the air quality like?

Luckily. one of my clients has an Aranet! She shared this photo of a reading she took at noon on Tuesday.

FAQ image

What do I do if my kid is sick?

To encourage parents to keep kids home, I have a very flexible make-up lesson policy. While I can't makeup lessons at your regular time, every participant is automatically added to the Last Minute List which shows openings due to spots that simply didn't book, vacations that families let me know about in advance, and last minute sick notices! You are welcome to make-up your lesson in any of the spots with the appropriate age and level just by emailing to claim it!

What happens if you get sick?

As the only instructor, when I get sick, all lessons unfortunately get cancelled. Sometimes we'll use the break in between sessions to make up the lesson, and sometimes I'll just refund for the day, depending on availability. If I am starting to feel under the weather, I will often text the parents about what my symptoms are to gauge comfort in coming. I am also testing for Covid weekly to make sure that I'm not unintentionally exposing students even when I'm not experiencing any symptoms. My goal is to keep our community as healthy as possible, and I would rather do a makeup or provide a refund than get someone sick.

What exposure do you have outside of Zen Penguin Swim School?

My wife currently works from home, and my son is homeschooled so Zen Penguin is my family's biggest exposure. Many of my clients are very covid-conscious, and are extremely respectful about keeping sick kids home, so I feel confident that this is a safe space for you and your family!

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